I cannot follow others interpretations of what makes a good leader because then I would be negating my own wisdom and inner knowledge which I have learned from my time on this earth in my body and from my lineage of ancestors as well. Although I can appreciate and find interest in others writings from such reputable schools as Harvard, I will speak from my own experience and heart without bias in order to convey my own views on leadership.

From my experience I have found that the most powerful examples of great leadership throughout history have been from those who led by example. Living what you believe in and what you are passionate about says more than a million great words and speeches could ever say. It is obvious to me and I hope to others that to be a great leader one must first know themselves in a spiritual way by discovering their own connection to the Divine Source or God, Great Spirit, Creator, whatever one wishes to call Omnipresent Power and Wisdom behind everything in existence. By experiencing one’s own Inner Divinity through their connection to the Source energy then one realizes their intimate connection to all things living. When one is connected to the Divine Source energy within themselves then they not only value their own existence but also that of all things living which are direct manifestations of the Divine Manifesting, including all Creation, Humanity, all Living Creatures, Plants, Animals and the Earth and all life it produces and sustains. Only from this perspective does a Leader have the capacity to make wise and clear choices for the benefit of all life.

The second most important aspect of great leadership is for one to find their true passion and gifts which only they can uniquely share and contribute to the world while they are alive. This would include talents such as music, healing, art, dance, speaking, writing, poetry, cooking, coordinating, organizing, managing, investing, building, communication, designing, inventing, winemaking, farming, crafts and the list goes on. Everyone has a unique gift that only they can uniquely offer in their own way. Even the crippled beggar has something to offer. Their very presence makes others recognize and appreciate their own ability to walk and function with ease in the world. This is something which many, if not all of us, take for granted until it is gone. The existence of the beggar can also bring out ones own sense of mercy and compassion by inspiring great acts of kindness to such individuals. This can build great character in a person in a way that nothing else can do as well as be an invaluable example of how to live with ones sense of integrity and humanity in tact. Those in need can also inspire others who are capable to create systems so that even beggars can be provided for with the dignity which all life deserves.

As you can see everyone has a purpose, even the most seemingly incapable ones who appear to offer nothing. Acts of kindness are truly the most valued things in life which no price tag can pay and which no one may take away because that is the gold which fills the heart and that is the only wealth one takes with them when they leave this world. This is God’s Divine plan and when you are connected to the Divinity Within you then you can see God in everyone, in everything and everywhere. This is the GIFT of Insight.

In positions of Leadership it is very important to identify specific talents and abilities and align a persons tasks with respective jobs and responsibilities that require those talents while considering the wishes of the of the person. This is clearly an essential aspect to having a functional society. It does not benefit anyone to put individuals in positions which do not use their talents nor to put people in positions which require talents that a person does not exhibit. Therefore proper assessment and placement are an utmost priority in developing a persons ability to be a leader. The more power a position carries the more stringent the leadership requirements should be as in any position where persons are placed with the responsibility to govern others, a Community, a City, a State or a Country. All positions of power need a sub committee stamp of approval before any drastic actions can be taken that may affect the masses in any way whether the intentions are good or not. These positions should require the utmost demonstration of the persons ability to fulfill these roles for the benefit of all those they govern, as well as for the well being of Mother Earth which sustains all life, including everyone and anything living which could be affected by a leaders making decisions anywhere in the world.

Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower was an American military officer and statesman who served as the 34th president of the United States from 1953 to 1961. During World War II, he served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe, and achieved the rare five-star rank of General of the Army. Wikipedia

A great leader will see the value in every living being and create systems which help individuals to find their own personal gifts and support them in using those gifts to contribute to a society, a community or a country, however large or small the gift may be, every contribution counts. This adds value to an individuals sense of worth and community while bringing out the the innate dignity, integrity and responsibility in an individual, which are the natural traits and rights of all beings created by God.

We are all works in progress, each with our own strengths and weaknesses and we have been gifted with this life to understand who we are and improve ourselves and the lives of others as a community of one Humanity visiting Paradise Earth briefly together. These aspects of leadership are some of the highest and most important ideals a leader can possess.

Written by Anna Mary Yeager Smith
July 26th 2018, 11:44 am, Italian Time

It is truly the parents who hold the most important task because what they teach their children today becomes the future of our societies and world tomorrow. Hence why knowing oneself with dignity, clarity and wisdom is the most powerful change you can begin to make today in the world, particularly for those raising children.  – Anna M Smith