On June 17th 2021 Prem Rawat spoke in London England with a small audience attending under Covid Safe Regulations.

IN THE WORLD THERE IS GOOD AND BAD. It is up to us to be consciousness enough to focus on the good and address bad and how we can improve it. It is also our choice to seek the inspiration we need in our lives in order to keep our focus on the good, particularly when we are immersed in difficult and challenging situations. This way we can have the clarity and focus we need to keep moving forward in a direction to achieve the best outcome in our lives regardless of the outside circumstances.

Prem Rawat has a wide selection of videos available to view on his YouTube Channel and a series to watch that he made during the Covid Lockdown which address our concerns and the challenges everyone has been faced with worldwide. When Mr Rawat does live events he often presents the event live-streaming via his website The events are available to view by anyone interested in learning more about peace from the comfort of their own home when the events happen. Most worldwide events are in English with events from India in Hindi. Translations into other languages are made available in several international languages within a few days of the events.

For those wishing to discover more Prem Rawat’s official site, offers several links to his international talks and interviews, including Peace Education and Knowledge, also referred to as PEAK, for those wishing to learn how to go within themselves to discover the clarity and peace inherent within each one of us. Mr Rawat does not charge for the Gift of learning how to turn within oneself to find find peace.