Crowd Funding

IF YOU HAVE MADE ANY DONATIONS PRIOR TO DECEMBER 16th 2019 Please Send Us an E-Mail asap at: to let us know. Prior security issues may have compromised prior donations. Thank You.
We are in the process of updating this page. If you would like to make a Donation please send us an email at: for further info. Thank You !

Crowd Funding

We can now accept contributions which  allow us to continue promotional activities to engage and educate people worldwide and enlarge our Awakeisme Community. The focus of Awakeisme is to awaken humanity about the health of  our environment and the Earth which supports all life. Your contributions will also help us to do Campaigns to raise Awareness on Important issues and further develop this Blog Page and a phone App, along with more exciting projects to encourage and engage people of all ages to  participate in protecting our Earth and our God given rights to healthy air, water and food.

We are also offering Investment opportunities at a higher return than typical investments plus Bonus Dividends for a Limited time. Please visit the Investment Opportunity Page to find out more.

Investing in a community for the betterment of the earth and life is the most valuable investment you can make.

Thank You ~

The Awakeisme Team

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