OUR GOD GIVEN GIFT IN LIFE IS OUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. FREEDOM OF CHOICE GIVES EACH HUMAN BEING THE POSSIBILITY TO CHOOSE BETWEEN GOOD OR BAD, LIGHT OR DARK, LOVE OR HATE, CARING OR CRUELTY, GENEROSITY OR GREED AND MUCH MORE. Each Choice we Make creates a Cause and Affect. When we choose what is right we feel good and complete. When we choose wrong we feel wrong and incomplete. Your first GUT INSTINCTS will always GUIDE YOU, if you LISTEN.


OUR BRIEF VISIT TO HEAVEN ON EARTH is Nothing more than the Divine Classroom of God, Great Spirit or Divine Creation. The words you use to identify that power do not matter but your CHOICES in Your Life do matter. Do Not be Mislead by Big Pharma MEDIA, Governments, Corporations nor anyone under their Doctrines of thinking. Learn to listen to and return to your Primal Instincts and your Divine Creator Within You for Guidance. This requires turning OFF the Noise of News, Media, TV and all other Outside influences. RESEARCH the Truth as best you can from Alternative Media Sources online which have not been Censored and Trust no one other than Yourself and those you feel from your gut and heart who speak Truth to You. The Divine Force is inside You. Learning HOW to Listen Within is your greatest Asset.