The Awakeisme Blog is an Educational Journey that cultivates understanding more about oneself and surviving in the world in which we live from a perspective of searching for Truth in many areas of Life. Our search to know why we are alive in a world that is constantly changing is a Noble endeavor that can bring great peace to an individual and hence the world. Knowing how to thrive is essential in a complex world.

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The Awakeisme Journey is a magical personal endeavor that reveals how each person’s choices affect their own life. Start anywhere on any post and discover where your choices lead you. Enjoy Your Journey!

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LIFE ENRICHING ONLINE COURSES will be offered, covering a large spectrum of life-enhancing education such as Natural Herbal Pharmacy, Sustainable Green Living, Natural Soaps & Body Cream Making, Gourmet International Cooking, Peace Education, Native American Wisdom, Community Trauma Support, Yoga in Nature, Detox and Lymphatic Therapy, Protecting and Recovering from EMF and Mold Exposure. Much more will be added in 2023.

Some courses, such as Peace Education, Building Healthy Immunity, Mold Remediation, and more, will be offered without charge. Space per Workshop may be limited in some courses, so we encourage those wishing to take a workshop to enroll as soon as possible.

SUPPORT HEALTHY EDUCATION with your Subscription. 15% or more of Workshop Fees will go to Support Education on subjects like Finding Peace Within, Caring for Mother Earth, Sustainable Living, and Projects that support Women and Children Worldwide who are Refugees in need of learning skills to thrive.

AWAKEISME offers the reader an opportunity to explore truthful perspectives from experts in their field on how to live a healthy and fulfilled life in a world of increasingly diverse information. We select the most current and accurate discoveries from the top professionals in their field of expertise and present them to you for your consideration in posts. Having facts from experts is essential to making healthy choices in order to thrive in today’s complex world. The Awakeisme blog is set up in a way to give the reader an opportunity to take a Journey of Self Discovery as one chooses posts relative to each subject matter according to their own preferences.
We look forward to having you join the Awakeisme Community.