Access to the Blog Journey, Free Events when offered, and Workshop Discounts.
New Life Enriching Courses will be offered ongoing from Gourmet International Cooking, Sustainable Green Living, Natural Soaps & Body Cream Making to Peace Education and Native American Traditions. Some courses such as Peace Education will be offered without charge. Space per Workshop may be limited so we encourage those wishing to take a workshop to enroll as soon as possible.

A percentage of all Workshop Fees will go to support Education about Caring for Mother Earth as well as for Projects that support Women and Children worldwide in learning skills to become self-sufficient.

  • Awakeisme is an Educational Blog that promotes sustaining a healthy Earth for healthy living while supporting the well-being of all individuals on a mental, spiritual and physical level. The posts on the Awakeisme Blog invite the reader on a journey into awareness and consciousness within oneself while exploring the many facets of life around us which many have overlooked or failed to notice. By increasing our awareness we increase our consciousness and hence our choices in life change for the better thus improving our experiences in all areas of our lives. By subscribing to the Awakeisme Blog you have access to view and journey through all the posts at your own pace and enjoy new posts as they are added.  Awakeisme will be offering various Educational Workshops and Events such as Peace Education, BUILDING NATURAL IMMUNITY, Vegan Cooking, Organic Gardening, Sustainable Living, Yoga, Botanical Cream Making, Trauma Healing, Satsang (Company of Truth), COACHING and much more.  Upcoming Workshops will be Posted with Dates as they are scheduled at the beginning of the New Year of 2021.