Seeking Peace is a responsible choice. Provoking War is an irresponsible choice. Warfare has served no one in history other than when it was necessary in emergency situations to stop those provoking violent and obscene wars that harmed innocent lives.

There has never been a more urgent need and a more perfect opportunity than right NOW in history for World Leaders to convene and stop their boyhood bickering and agree to dismantling all atomic weapons and all technology that destroys or harms Life and Earth. Putting all past grievances behind a new Platform of Peace Negotiations must be pursued now with adults acting intelligently for themselves and everyone else by agreeing on what is best for all humanity and not just individual leaders personal interests. Further fighting should not be an option nor considered a solution. Peaceful negotiations should be the only and ultimate goal.
All weapons of war should be totally dismantled in a Peace Agreement Treaty once and for all by All World Leaders with goals set not to exceed disposing of all weapons by 2025 while banning all future development and sale of weapons forever by International Agreements.

I personally feel eternally grateful to Mr Prem Rawat for teaching me how to turn within to find peace when I had just turned twenty years old. He has spent his lifetime since his childhood teaching people the Gift of inner peace and how to access the experience of peace within regardless of the events and circumstances of this world. He was given the task of carrying this Knowledge to all the people in the world by his beloved father who was a teacher who passionately devoted his life to sharing the Knowledge of Peace within throughout India during his lifetime. He travelled by foot and by train and did not have the advantage of airplanes in his lifetime.

Prem is interviewed by CNN anchor Sara Sidney about his life as a teacher of inner peace since he was a child until today and the ongoing problems of world conflicts amongst leaders. Prem Rawat shares his perspective and most possible and practical solutions in the interview.