MEDITATION FOR KIDS IS A NATURAL REST PERIOD. If it helps adults why not children ? I can tell you that the rest periods during my first years in grade school laying on the dirty carpeted floor at the private Catholic girls school I attended would have been much more pleasant with a guided or silent meditation time out. With all the extremely horrific and traumatic events occurring in the world today as when I grew up during the Vietnam war an education in meditation is very much needed at a young age or at least should be made available as an option. This is particularly true growing up as one of the first generations exposed to TV which showed horribly traumatising images of warfare which made a strong impression on me which I still remember today. Now with 24/7 “Cell Phone TV” which is under regulated misinformation even from Governments, Financial Predators and sexual predators, online exploitation is like a toy store at thier fingertips for dark influences whose affects are very dangerous to everyone not to mention the unarmed youth who are exposed to a myriad of toxicity and unknown algorithms from a very young age. I have seen many unwitting parents put an iPhone or iPad in the hands of a child to occupy them even before infants can even talk. This is a very sad and worse, a very dangerous act which many parents are clueless as to the harm.
Therefore it is only fair that young children can be armed with a way to focus within themselves as a minimum form of self knowing in order to gain clarity and make choices on how they engage with the world from a young age based on knowing the differences in how they feel when exposed to a large variety of ever changing input. Youth as much or more than anyone else need to know the power of free choice with their focus and should be supported in choosing wisely.

How Meditation Can Help Kids Deal With Trauma, Depression and Attention Disorders