“The power of choice is our greatest weapon” – Prem Rawat

Divine Creation beckons life daily to enjoy it’s Beauty which is a reflection of the beauty we are born from and which is within us. Look for simple gifts from the Divine daily like a baby’s smile, kittens playing, a kind gesture from a stranger, an amazing sunrise or sunset, a delicious fruit hanging from a tree or a flower blooming and sending out beautiful aromas. Once you time in to the Divine which is everywhere and in everything then the simple and Divine Gifts of Life will begin to appear more and more. When you begin to notice all the gestures of love and kindness coming from the Divine in all Creation you cannot help but fall in love with your life in Heaven on Earth.

Every Human Being is Entitled to his Liberties and Rights to Choose from birth. No human being is entitled to control, manipulate, command, harm nor alter any life on Earth. This is the Divine Law of Nature. If you love and respect Nature then you will be loved and respected in return. If you harm Nature you harm yourself because all life is created from Nature.

When we are living in Heaven on Earth and find ourselves surrounded by madness from those who do not respect the gift of life itself then the greatest power we have is to anchor in the power of light within us and reflect it outward in our thoughts and actions. The mind can be a powerful friend or foe and it I is up to us to regulate it with our focus on the connection we have to the Divine Source energy within us. Never allow the mind to distract you from the Wisdom and Clarity that comes from Within you. A mind on steroids and other DNA alterations being influenced by designer high tech Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, Artificial Interference and all kinds of other alterations can lead men down of a path of meaningless endeavours and even into self destruction if their mind is not balanced with wisdom and the practice of Knowing the Divine Within themselves. A life that is lived as a slave of one’s thoughts and worse a slave of the thoughts and demands of others is not an asset but a victim who has lost touch with their own Divine Purpose and meaning in life. Looking within ourselves for clarity and wisdom is our greatest Weapon of Choice. The answers and clarity that come from within come from a place of quiet and not a mind full of endless thoughts and mental stimulation but a place of utter silence and stillness.

– Anna M Smith

The power of choice is your greatest ally. Use it well.

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