Why has there been such a Push for 5G during Covid one must ask…? With all these Invisible technologies flying around the last few years or decades before Covid, like HAARP WAVES, Microwaves, Directed Energy Weapons that shoot 400 Silent Microwave Nuclear (it seems) Laser Bombs out all at once at the Speed of Light. Find more info on Boeing and Lockheed Martins sites about how they can attack from space before humans have a chance to blink. Many amateur Videos caught them shooting out ahead of the fires guiding the WALL OF FLAMES from Lost Hills to Malibu in the Woosley Fire that destroyed over 2000 homes in 6 HOURS !!! Unheard of ever before in history. Hence their ease burning up whole countries and continents like Australia and the Amazon and Midwest United States and More which they say came from DRY LIGHTENING STRIKES from clear skies… ? Give me a freaking break. really ? They think whatever they say on the One Man MURDOCH Owned Media News that the people will believe it…? The laser strikes happen to look similar to a lightening strike but much faster like a flash of lightening almost invisible. The months long Installation of the 5G along the corridors of the WOOSLEY FIRE along Mulholland had finally completed just weeks before Woosley started. All those 5G big wire bundles and Narrow hanging Units connected to them exploded and fell to the ground from power surge overload I suppose and all the houses exploded from the inside out into flames and were turned to ASH WHILE leaving all the trees and bushes and PLASTIC SWING SETS and All Plastic items like a Green Plastic Garden Waterer in the middle of the burn out intact and not burned ?? I thought what the hellacious can do that when the glass windows and aluminum and tires melted on my car which they said meant the heat had to be 4000 degrees to do that. Some said the heat could be felt blocks away. How then could a  plastic garden waterer that was left in the ashes unburnt between 2 burning structures have no signs of melting ? Only Microwave Ovens can do that, I thought. The big metal items like my stacked washer dryer and Dishwasher and Refridgerator were twisted strangely and we all know not to put metal in microwaves. So Microwave Techno it was… obviously. I think the SMART METERS had something to do with it too. I had an attack of totally debilitating symptoms which completely immobilized me to the point I could not stand nor even pack my bags for my last departure flight from the US just days before COVID hit Italy and then the US. I consequently missed my flight the next morning but luckily managed to get one that evening. Strangely my physical symptoms hit suddenly just hours after SCE came and changed out my Meter to a New Meter the guy had no name for because he said it was not the old style nor was it the New Smart Meter that I had already asked them to remove once before. I later learned that all my horrid symptoms were Covid symptoms as the outbreak occurred over the months following. I had Long Covid symptoms it turns out but at the time I was afraid to tell anyone because in the beginning you could go to jail for going outside or be taken to the hospital if you had symptoms in Italy so I stayed home and self treated during Lockdown.

It appears that the Woosley Fire had some kind of Radioactive Elements too since the sites all had a Radioactive kind of awful feeling when visited after the fires and we were not allowed to go to our properties for months until the land was tested and deemed free of Hazardous waste. The home sites were Taped off and the County left DO NOT ENTER HAZARD SIGNS. It may be partly due to the Fire being initiated at the most RADIOACTIVE TOXIC SITE IN AMERICA at Boeings and NASA’S Nuclear Research Facility called ROCKETDYNE in Simi Valley California just a few miles away as the crow flies. Unusual how the County swiftly offered full clean up for all burn outs and paid removal of all waste to special locations so no evidence was left behind. Once the sites passed Hazard Inspections, which took months, the owners could enter ONLY with full Head to Toe Hazmat Suits and masks and gloves and head cover. The land was so toxic that I felt sick every time I went there and had dizzy spells and inability to think and a sensation of unbearable burning from the inside out particularly when the Sun was out. My worker had the same sensations so I know it was not just me and my sensitivity levels. It was so debilitating that I could never go to even look for anything sentimental in the ashes because I would feel confused, weak and sick each time I went to my property. The burnt land had evidence of Laser hits or something strange, at least on my property. There were multiple deep, perfectly round cylinder holes about a foot to a foot and a half wide symmetrical and a few feet deep and were randomly along the slopes below where the house and guest house were and so I wondered if a laser could have done that. There were no trees n those areas before so it was not from a tree burn out. A huge Pine Tree had a big hole burnt out right in the middle high up from a likely laser or whatever hit. Much more I did not mention.
So let’s see what this video says…

Heard some rumours about 5G and COVID-19? Here’s how they spread | Four Corners

The global rollout of 5G has spawned wild conspiracy theories, and the coronavirus pandemic was the perfect environment for them to spread. Around Australia, a vocal band of activists have joined a worldwide protest movement against the arrival of the next generation in wireless technology known as 5G. They claim 5G is an invisible and potentially deadly health hazard, blaming the radiation emitted by the technology for a range of long-term health problems. Four Corners investigates these claims, exploring how the technology works and examining the scientific studies undertaken into whether the technology is actually a threat to our health. #ABCNews #FourCorners