The most extensive genocide in the history of the Earth happened over the course of 300-500 years ago on Turtle Island where approximately 120 MILLION Native Americans lived peacefully for 12,000 years in hundreds of different tribes together across Turtle Island. By the 1900’s only 500,000 remained after being slaughtered, raped, brutally murdered and imprisoned over the course of several centuries by Savage European Immigrants. The Europeans brought the Culture of Greed and Ruthless, Senseless Murder which was foreign to the culture of the Native Americans. Europeans not only failed to assimilate into the beautiful culture of the Native Americans and learn the ways of respecting Mother Earth but they even failed to respect their own human kind and gave way to the lowest level of their character and were overtaken by their own greed, ignorance, crude and dishonest ways. This resulted in the death and brutal murder of Millions of Native Americans and destruction of one of the most beautiful cultures on planet Earth. One of the only cultures who honor the Mother Earth first and foremost and respect the animals and all living relatives who are visiting briefly on this soil of the Earth.

  • Anna M Smith, Cherokee Nation Tribal Member

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