EVERYDAY that we are alive is an opportunity to Celebrate when we know Peace Within.

Fifty Years ago on JULY 17th Mr Prem Rawat brought the Knowledge of Peace Within to the West in America. Today’s Celebration Event of Peace in the West for Fifty Years will be available for viewing for a limited duration via TIMELESSTODAY.TV

Prem Rawat began speaking as a young boy in INDIA about the message and Knowledge of Peace Within. At a young age he took the message to the west and then the world, as his Beloved Father and teacher, Shri Hans Maharaji taught him.

Mr Prem Rawat’s Father, Shri Hans Maharaj Celebrated with his students of Inner Peace at Events in India. His life was dedicated to taking the Knowledge of Peace Within to thousands throughout India during his lifetime.

JOIN THE CELEBRATION of 50 YEARS OF MR Prem Rawat BRINGING the KNOWLEDGE of INNER PEACE TO THE WEST FROM INDIA. Thanks to Mr Prem Rawat’s dedicated lifetime of relentless effort to share the message of personal peace worldwide, millions of people across the globe are now enjoying inner peace their lives.


MR Prem Rawat WILL SPEAK AT 5PM PST, JULY 17th 2021 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California with a worldwide Livestream of the Event. REPLAYS of the event in various languages will be available within 72 hours on Timelesstoday.tv.

KINDNESS is the Greatest Virtue a Human Being can Possess. – Anna M Smith