Most Importantly, if Nature is not at Peace then neither is Humanity. When Our Mother is upset then everyone in the Household Suffers, particularly if she is the one Responsible to Feed us. Mother Earth is the Only Source of All our Healthy Abundant, Beautiful, Tasty and Perfectly Designed DNA which we All Need to Survive. Earth is also our Home which Gives us Shelter and Divine, Endless Beauty which NO ONE CAN REPLACE. On top of that Paradise Earth happens to be the most extraordinary HEAVEN known in the Universe with so much fascinating Creation and Peace that all of it could never be taken in. A Million Lifetimes would not be enough to discover all the beauty of Creation because Life and Nature is always adopting and changing to it’s Environment and Evolving into more Beauty than before so why not EnJoy and CHERISH  your Time on Divine Earth before your Visitation Ticket Expires.  – Anna M Smith

MAN IS NOT IN CONTROL of EARTH. Man is only briefly visiting Earth and carries the Responsibility to Preserve and Protect Earth for Current and Future Generations. Unscrupulous misguided excessively wealthy men attracted to warfare, domination and destruction may be trying to influence Nature by using dangerous Weather Modification Technologies such as GEO-ENGINEERING, HAARP Frequencies, 5G Frequencies, Aerial Spraying of Harmful Metals and Toxic Material, DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS and more, yet no man has any true influence over Nature other than to Harm and Destroy it and themselves in the process and they know it. Those who have been executing these activities are very unworthy to be on Paradise Earth.

If destructive Leaders continue try to Manipulate Nature and Weather for their own means of Weather Warfare or to dominate and destroy other countries by using dangerous weather modification technologies then ALL MANKIND will have to live with the Destructive Reaction of Nature including those provoking Nature. If unconscious World Leaders refuse to take immediate action to stop all Weather Modification Programs and Petroleum Exploitation and Use along with Banning All Toxic Industries contributing to Pollution and Ill Health of Life, including the Petrol Chemical and PLASTIC Industry, then those Leaders are Not Leading and should be Excused from their Positions of Power Immediately. Short of being removed they should be bound by a Department for Earth and Life which encompasses addressing Climate Change  issues. Every Government Worldwide needs to have a Department that can OVER-RIDE a Leader not responsive to Global Climate and Health of Earth Concerns. If Earth is Sick and out of Balance then so is Life and Humanity. Any Leader going so far as to create Policies to go against Climate and Toxicity Concerns for the masses should be Cause for Arrest, no matter their position. A Climate Change or EARTH Protection Department’s Sole Concern should be to Address Weather, Industrial and Corporate Toxicity, Pollution and CLIMATE CHANGE in order to moderate it before it becomes harmful to individuals and the Ecosystem. The Department of Earth and Life should take precedence over all other financial progress and Presidential influence. It is time to practice PEACE in the world beginning with ourselves.

All Countries must have Responsible Leaders who have the Power to Take Immediate and Radical Action NO MATTER the COSTS and PUT EARTH and LIFE over the mere Business of meaningless Money Profits and Quarterly Returns which serve no one other than the Billionaire Class, Corporate CEO’s and their MONEY GAMES. Money means Nothing if we All Suffer and Die Prematurely, in fact Money has become a Curse and long lost it’s very purpose of enhancing a society for means of thriving together and to represent a value for exchange for Goods and Services.

Intelligent thinkers also KNOW the FACT that continuing to Face ever increasing COSTS of Weather Disasters Worldwide is a Cost that No Country and No One can Afford nor remedy as we have seen with the Dozens of Disasters in every Country Now Suffering from INSUFFICIENT HUMANITARIAN NEEDS due to ongoing Needless, Pathetic Warfare and Now Ongoing Weather Disasters. America has been a prime target from the Katrina Hurricane to most recent Puerto Rico double hitting to the Unnatural Massive Atomic FIRE Storms in California to All the RAINFORESTS of the WORLD ON FIRE and BURNING MASSIVELY at the Same time to the most recent HURRICANE DISASTER in the BAHAMAS ! WHERE and WHEN WILL IT END…??? All the Disaster Sites have remained unbuilt after years and decades of distress and the people and property quickly forgotten from one Disaster to the next due to lack of funds to help Restore these areas and the Unnatural Disasters that follow one after the other. It is Not Nature’s Fault and Men and Industries need to be Held Accountable.

WISDOM, Radical Changes, Sacrifice, Massive Effort Worldwide and Great HOPE is called for to avoid ever increasing Mass Disasters and Chaos on Earth. The Future Generations Deserve it and our Future does too. Adopting New forms of GREEN Energy Worldwide for cars, heating and electricity will not only create Millions of New and Healthy Jobs and Make Everyone Living Healthier but it will also Assure all World Leaders Involved that Responsible Action was taken in TIME. These Changes will bring not only jobs but a much needed HOPE and INSPIRATION to the Masses WORLDWIDE. The CHILDREN SACRIFICING SCHOOL and PUTTING EVERYTHING on the Line to ASK for HELP REPEATEDLY from ADULTS and Officials in Power who can do something about it Deserve Attention. Surely if MILLIONS of Children and People WORLDWIDE can come together on short Notice to Send a Clear and Urgent Message about Climate Change then imagine what BILLIONS can do if Given a Chance ! SO BE IT. Amen.

All Praise to the Magnificent Glory of CREATION and the EARTH which Sustains ALL LIFE with so much Endless Beauty and Kindness. May We as a Human Race Embrace Our MOTHER EARTH and Reciprocate KINDNESS back Equally with Our Endless GRATITUDE and Appreciation and Care for PARADISE EARTH which we have been Gifted to Visit briefly ! ))

Written on Sept 21st 2019, International PEACE Day

By Anna M Smith


Global warming

Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system. It is a major aspect of current climate change, and has been demonstrated by direct temperature measurements and by measurements of various effects of the warming.


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