I know this is obvious but I need to say it. It is my opinion.
Those who have bombed others should be the ones responsible for rebuilding the countries they damaged as well as be responsible to return all the refugees to their homeland with new rebuilt homes and jobs and cities rebuilt by them, giving locals the jobs while being paid by those who did the bombing. If countries can afford to bomb others into oblivion then they can afford to rebuild the countries and lives of those they have destroyed too. If this were enforced by International law then perhaps the wars would end due to a loss in profits.
– Amy Smith /Anna M Smith
Post on FB Oct 21 2016
War is a Disease of Unconscious Madmen who have Everything but are Not Satisfied with Anything. There thirst is insatiable because it gas never been filled. The very thing they hunger for is within them yet they are too DISTRACTIONS by Visions of Grandeur that they fail to Recognize the Obvious. This is the Downfall of All Leaders and Wayward men with power.  – Anna M Smith

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