LOVE has no language, ENERGY has no language, CREATION has no language, the BIRDS that Sing have no language, Beautiful Sounds Harmonized together have No Language. SOURCE has no language yet it Speaks through FEELING when Our Hearts are Open to Receive. EARTH BIRTHS All Life, SUSTAINS all Life and LOVES ALL LIFE. When we are FEELING DIVINE LOVE from WITHIN then we are communicating with OUR SOURCE ENERGY.

ALL LIFE is made up of ENERGY FREQUENCIES. MUSIC is the One Medium that EMITS Frequencies through SOUNDS. Frequencies affect our DNA, our Health and Our Moods. CHOOSING Positive Frequencies  to Expose Ourselves to can Uplift Our own Frequencies and IMPROVE Our LIVES Significantly. Notice how you Feel after Listening to the Devi Prayer. If it makes you feel good then You are aligning with your Higher Frequencies. If it annoys you then you only need to Raise Your Own Frequencies more through Prayer, Meditation or Reflective Time Immersed in Nature. NATURE carries a very high and PURE Frequency of HEALING. All good frequencies are Beneficial to Your Health. Birds Chirping Songs have an amazing frequency of Joy. The higher your frequency the more you Attune to the Positive Frequencies that Resonate with Bliss and the Divine Healing Source Within You.

– Anna M Smith

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