The Divine Energy which created all the Universe Resides Within Everything living in Creation. Immortality is found only by those who know how to access this Divinity Within themselves referred to by many great Sages as “Knowing Thyself”. This alone is the only and greatest wealth a human being can attain in their lifetime for the wealth of this world is meaningless and leaves one only with a greater vacuum of feeling emptiness within once attained. At most worldly wealth gives a kind of shallow and superficial temporarily feeling of illusory happiness which fades quickly in the stillness of oneself. No one may take worldly wealth with them when they leave this world. The only good use of worldly wealth is to help others in need and to bring goodness where there is none and to use where needed for the benefit of Earth and All Life. This is the only way to find meaning and joy in having worldly wealth.

These are the laws of the Universe and God, if you wish to call it that. It cannot be changed you see because all things come from this Divine Source and all things return to it. All energy is Divine. It is either used properly with great personal fulfillment or misused with great personal delusion. Money is only a form of energy. Man has to learn the proper use of the energies while he is living in order to experience the real Heaven while in human form otherwise money accumulation is a curse to ones true happiness and purpose.

It takes great respect, dedication and passion with a sincere desire to know thyself and the great truth of life in order to attain self realization but with the correct teacher who can actually guide you into the experience within yourself, one may access great joy within themselves in little time. – Anna M Smith

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