Sixteen year old Great GRETA THUNBERG has travelled for two weeks on an Emission Free Sail Boat across the Seas from Sweden to come to AMERICA and Bring Awareness about the impending Global Climate Change Disaster. Today she was with hundreds of other Students Protesting outside the WHITE HOUSE. Kudos to this young lady and her conviction, commitment and diligence to WAKE UP THE WORLD to this impending Disaster which is already affecting us all with Worldwide multiple Weather Disasters which we have witnessed increasingly over the last decade. Too bad the cowardly ones who control the Media cut off her talk just as she was about to shame the powers that be for ignoring this WORLD CRISIS. – Anna M Smith

At 16, climate activist Greta Thunberg has been called the greatest threat to the world’s fossil fuel industry. The teenager first made headlines last year with her solitary strike against climate change outside Sweden’s parliament – since then, she’s inspired millions of supporters to rally in more than 150 countries. Thunberg joins “CBS This Morning” for her first live U.S. television interview.

Thunberg will be speaking at the UN’s Climate Action Summit in New York later this month to tell world leaders they must “step out of their comfort zone.”

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