Learning to listen to Our Heart is our only Salvation for Human Beings in Todays World which is so out of balance and out of synch with our true nature. All of the problems in the world today arise from Leaders who are Not following their Heart because they lack the knowledge of listening to their inner Wisdom. It takes a lot of SLOW to learn how to GROW and Listen to the Heart. Life was Not created to be a “Rat’s Race” for Money and Financial Gain but rather was Created to be Cherished and Adored for the Bountiful Abundance of God’s DIVINE CREATION and the IMMENSE BEAUTY and LOVE Fills EARTH. From the Crystal Clear Waters Nourishing Life Everywhere by the Divine Wisdom of Creation to the Pristine Oxygen in the Atmosphere constantly being renewed by the Trees and Forests of the World to the Mineral Rich Earth and the way it renews and enriches itself, with no help from mankind, so that Bountiful Food can grow Perfectly in ABUNDANCE for all Life to Receive from the renewal of Perfect Seasons that Support the ECOSYSTEM and All Life.



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