THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF.   – Franklin D. Roosevelt. 1933

Lately I have found myself thinking that “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”. I have heard my mind adding “there is nothing to fear but ignorant, unrealized men in power.” It is important to observe the mind and to not take all it says seriously. If we recognize the Supreme Power of the Divine Source which Created and Sustains Everything in Divine Creation then we have nothing to fear. Despite ignorant mens continual unconscious and careless assaults upon life on Paradise Earth, Nature always excels apart from when life is literally murdered by warfare, poaching, poisoning or manmade illnesses. If we can experience the Divine Within us, we have no space for fear and it holds little significance in the face of Our Divine Existence. Perhaps now many are facing their greatest fears as a result of death being brought to the forefront of life due to the worldwide Covid Pandemic which is accelerating death for many. Disruption to our own known lifestyles with lockdowns and loss of the income which gives us our security to survive can naturally generate fear. If we recognize that all life has been given everything that is needed to survive from the abundance of Divine Creation then we can trust Knowing that we already have all we need to survive. Planting an organic, Heirloom Seed garden is a healthy and therapeutic way to provide the healthy food needed for survival.

Wise and capable leaders can ensure that the basic needs of healthy housing, clean water and food are available for everyone under all emergency situations.

– Anna M Smith