PEACE EDUCATION is a Program for learning about how to live from an experience of peace. It was developed by Prem Rawat as a simple series of exercises that anyone can do. It is being taught at Prisons, Community Groups, Retirement Facilities, Hospitals, Police Academies, Drug Rehab Facilities and even at Military Institutions and more around the globe. It has been received with awe inspiring results and deep gratitude from the recipients.

Prem Rawat is known worldwide as an International Ambassador of Peace because of his success in helping millions worldwide understand and connect with the experience of Peace Within themselves. He has been freely sharing the Message of Personal Peace since he was a child to audiences throughout India and the world. When he was just barely a teenager he was invited to the west and has been relentlessly spreading the Knowledge of Peace across the globe ever since. His dedication to reaching everyone globally who continues to invite him is an inspiration to anyone. Prem Rawat created is The Prem Rawat Foundation in order to reach out to people globally in need of clean water, housing, medical care and in response to ongoing Disaster Relief due to Climate Change.

More Information about the Peace Education Program and Humanitarian work done by the Prem Rawat Foundation can be found at: TPRF.org

Learn More at: Words of Peace ~ WOPG.org

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