EVOLUTION… EVOLution sometimes requires a Revolution in how we think and live  our lives in order to move forward. Getting stuck at any one point or in any one activity or idea can become stagnant, lifeless and self destructive. Life is energy constantly adapting and moving. Repeating behaviors that do not inspire us to evolve is not only boring and self defeating but damaging to our psyche and health. Evolution also means releasing things which do not serve the best part of humanity, you and other life around you. Undoing of a prior decision or activity in order to return to a neutral place where one has the chance to make a better choice to go in another direction is clarity. This is extremely important to remember for this is the power of FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. It is better to have the CLARITY to make the best choice from the beginning yet the GIFT OF CHOICE allows us to correct our choices so that we have the opportunity to change our circumstances for the better.

HUMANITY IS POISED AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME on the threshold of the Gift of Choice. The Covid crisis has PAUSED all LIFE in its tracts and is giving us this opportunity to REFLECT and ALTER OUR ACTIONS and WAY of LIFE in order to Preserve Our Lives by Protecting the DIVINE which SUSTAINS US, our MOTHER EARTH. Men without Knowledge of the DIVINE SOURCE from which they come have been chasing an Illusion of wealth based in Monetary Values which are only ideas and offer nothing in reality besides Tools to use as an exchange of goods which do have value. This was the original concept of money and currency. Obviously these tools need to be distributed equally in a society for the free flow of goods needed to sustain the healthy growth of an individual, family and country. Those who wish to have more choices in how they prefer to live should have the choice to work in a way to achieve that in order to accommodate their preferred lifestyle. Having the ability to gain tools in systems without check and balances that allow a few to amass a majority of the tools creates an imbalance. When there are not enough tools in the populous of a Nation due to a few hoarding them all then the masses cannot survive when that system is dependent upon those tools alone.

Men in power controlled by the idea of financial gain as a measure of value of a country have misplaced priorities on the excess accumulation of money for corporations and industries on a globalized platform which leaves out all aspects of the population, apart from using them as an underpaid workforce in a form of slavery making them dependent on external means for survival. This does not benefit the government who picks up the tab nor the people who struggle to survive and it destroys the balance of the tool used for exchange of goods because it becomes disproportionately distributed which helps no one. The result is a populous desperate for survival with some working 2-3 jobs under extreme hardship just to make ends meet while trying to raise a family. Those who are not fortunate enough to work resort to theft, the sale of drugs or other crimes which degrade a society. Survival is not only human instinct but the instinct of all life. When people are not given the possibility to survive within a regime dictated by a government that oppresses them and abuses their human rights it promotes chaos, crime and discord. This is not the fault of the people but rather the irresponsibility of those who are supposed to be governing the well being of the people. When we have been graced to experience life briefly in Heaven on Earth, which is a magnificently gorgeous planet that has seasons which give food, water and air life to survive in abundance and harmony then there is absolutely no excuse why intelligent leaders cannot create systems to protect, cultivate and distribute the abundance of unmodified Nature without added chemicals as freely as it is given by Mother Earth.

When there is inequality and discord in the society making it unsafe, unhealthy and undesirable for anyone to live in then youth and the masses will naturally rebel the regime in protests, seeking their human rights to life. Ongoing oppression only further escalates the resistance. The great danger in the imbalance of the financial tools is that it can give unqualified men the ability to do things, even with supposed good intentions, which can harm life and the masses irreparably and even future life for generations to come. It becomes more serious when the ones who are supposed to protect and defend the people and prevent harm and maintain balance for everyone equally in a society become controlled by the ones with the financial tools. This occurs when there is an imbalance with who owns the most tools and who can bribe laws to create unjust rights in their favor. I suppose Lobbyists are the most blatant example of legalized n=bribery by whoever has the most funds.This is exactly the dilemma we find mankind facing today. Globalized greed has overtaken the world and empowered leaders in most all the major countries to work in the favor of a few who hold all the financial tools while they use the people as slaves, pawns and collateral damages worldwide to meet their end goals. Unrealized men who have have hoarded false wealth in the form of monetary value have misused it to wheel power over the people and those governing the people in a very negative and harmful way. The control of information fed 24/7 to the people via TV, Radio and now internet has also contributed to this dilemma with an onslaught of misinformation, propaganda and all out lies and pathetic behaviors. It has created a kind of mental control and influence over the masses while misleading people and governments. Leaders have mostly wholly swallowed the idea of the focus on making financial growth a basis by which to judge the health of a country instead of the well being and standard of living of the people as a basis. Insuring the Well Being and health of the people should be the core reason for governing. The default to financial growth as a measure of a countries strength has led to the Globalization of Greed and destruction of life for money to the extreme point of destroying Divine Life for this valueless monetary concept which offers life nothing meaningful in reality. From the needless and cruel slaughtering of endangered species such as elephants and rhinos to near extinction only to take their horns to be sold in black markets in China for improved an sex drive is not only criminal but sickening. Leaving sharks flopping around fully alive at the bottom of the sea because greedy and deranged men cut off their fins to sell for higher profits as food delicacies in Asian countries while throwing the live sharks back into the sea to die is horrid cruelty and a serious and dangerous psychological disassociation from being a healthy, caring human being who is safe for society. Committing such horrid cruel acts just to make a profit of monetary value is inhumane and dangerous as is the cruelty in the brutal Industrial Farming of live animals in cages to sell for food or furs as if they do not exist and have souls and feelings like ones own children do. Most animals are far more sentient than humans while most humans are far too disassociated from themselves and life to even notice it. Where has the true value of life gone when Divine Life itself is being destroyed for meaningless ideas and concepts of value ?

One must do an about face and reflect within themselves more deeply if they do not recognize the horrors of what mankind has committed and what man is doing in the name of survival and living on earth while needlessly taking all life mercilessly at will for a concept of consumption or money. What a failure on the part of Governments to allow such reckless murder of Divine Life in the name of survival and profits when all people can be more than fed if corporate profits were eliminated from the equation of immature men’s accounting games today. It is no wonder mankind has been stopped literally “dead” in his tracks by a little virus. May it be an opportunity to reflect and offer each human being the Gift of Conscious Choice.

  • Anna M Smith, May 1st 2021