HEAVEN, HELL and GOD are HERE and NOW. Heaven is Here Now, Hell is Here Now. God is Here Now. It is all happening with each breath we take according to our personal experience. Nothing could be more magnificent than the Glory of this Divine Paradise Earth and the ability to witness it and experience it with the Gift of this Breath called Life. Nothing could be more hellacious than than to witness this Divine Creation of Paradise Earth and it’s Beautiful Creatures and Human Beings being poisoned and destroyed by greedy men with an immature desire for a false external monetary wealth which is not even real. No amount of money in the world can satisfy a human beings need for happiness because money is only a concept which in reality has no real value to your heart nor your happiness. Money can bring momentary physical comfort and a temporary feeling of excitement but will never fill a thirsty heart. A wealthy man with an empty heart can be a dangerous combination yet a poor man with a full heart can be a Divine Human Being. Earth has provided all the abundance and prosperity humanity needs to thrive yet until man has peace within himself he cannot know the value of his life nor experience Heaven on Earth and respect it’s beauty and bounty with appreciation. – anna m smith


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