Residents are trapped on the Bahaman islands after HURRICANE DORIAN because the Commander in Chief of the United States ordered the people whose lives and homes were totally destroyed by DORIAN to be Refused Entry to the US without a PASSPORT or VISA. Now another HURRICANE is BREWING yesterday and today and is just a few hundred miles away from hitting there once again. Asking Disaster Victims who have lost Everything and who are desperate for food, water and shelter to present Any Document is not only Insane but the worse form of Cruelty and Insult. The only thing Scarier is that such actions by a POTUS REFLECT a Person with ZERO COGNITIVE ABILITY and an extreme DISASSOCIATION from Reality with an alarmingly Evil Authoritarian Rule. A Robot would be more comforting and Intelligent !

Sept. 13, 2019, 5:18 PM GMT-7 By Dennis Romero A tropical depression was gaining power and growing into a tropical storm Friday as it aimed for the Bahamas, already ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, forecasters said. It was two weeks ago Sunday that Dorian, at Category 5 force, made landfall in the Bahamas and then spun in place for days, killing more than 50. As the island nation continues to dig out from that calamity, it must now prepare for what could be another. The Bahamian Department of Meteorology said in a statement that a military flight tracked the weather system Friday and placed it about 190 miles east-southeast of Marsh Harbour, Bahamas, which is part of the country’s northern Abaco Islands. – NBC NEWS Friday, Sept 13th 2019

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