Life is a ONE WAY Ticket. You are Born into this magnificent Paradise Earth to Enjoy all of Life’s endless Beauty and Abundance for free for a brief moment in time until your time is up and you have to leave Earth, never to return. The Joy and Beauty that you create while you are living is the Only Wealth which you can take with you when you leave Earth.

Wisdom is Learning to Cultivate as much Happiness from the Heart that you can while Living. When you recognize all the Blessings which you have been granted from birth then Appreciation comes and with Appreciation you find Value and with Value there is Gratitude. Gratitude brings Joy and Neutralizes the disease of greed amongst unrealized humans.

While alive you can create a One Way Ticket to Heaven or Hell. The beauty is that it is never too late to change the direction of your path. That is until it is too late and your opportunity in Heaven on Earth is gone. The choice is yours and the consequences are yours as well. Which will you choose…?

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