RESPONSIBLE CHOICES COME TO US WHEN WE HAVE CLARITY. We have Clarity when we are at Peace Within Ourselves. Hence the real necessity for all Human Beings to experience Peace Within no matter what is going on in their outside circumstances.

If whatever is in the atmosphere is causing Birds to fall out of the Sky then what do you think it is doing to Human Beings ? Whether it be chemtrails, 5G or Electromagnetic Frequencies or ALL of the ABOVE then it is NOT OK under any circumstances. Nor is it ok to use life for Human Experimentation, It is highly ILLEGAL In Fact to Not Disclose Exposure to mind, body or emotional health altering substances in our environment.  It is no wonder that BEES have been seen only sick and dying for several decades now and that they are at risk of extinction. Human Beings suffer incessantly with Auto Immune Diseases, ALLERGIES, Fatigue, Digestive Disorders and Headaches. Cognitive Loss is a common symptom for young and old alike for years now. This is NOT OK. When Earth and Nature Suffer then so do Human Beings obviously. When Species are disappearing by the thousands then who do you think will be the Final Species to disappear when when all that sustains the Human Species is Dead. ..?

To continue surviving on Earth Together and hopefully return to thriving together we must absolutely CHANGE Our Mode of Operation and PRIORITIES as Governments.

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