Being Present and Acting from a place of CLARITY is extremely important for Everyone in the world today and especially important for anyone holding any position of Power or Leadership. When we are present and acting with consciousness and awareness of our choices and the consequences in any situation then our ability to have clarity in our choices is enhanced. Acting from a place of presence and clarity presents others with the opportunity to do the same.

Absence of consciousness and lack of clarity on the other hand is a very dangerous situation which can lead to inappropriate choices and decisions which create confusion and chaos. When these decisions come from leaders the resulting chaos affects the masses. The current state of affairs of the world clearly reflect the need to increase the level of consciousness and presence of individuals worldwide and most importantly amongst world leaders and anyone acting in a position of responsibility which can affect individuals, humanity and the world either positively or negatively. Just as darkness is nothing more than absence of light so is unconsciousness nothing more than absence of consciousness and presence. Consciousness can be increased by personal choice to practice becoming more aware of oneself.

World leaders who are conscious individuals have the ability to see the reality of the big picture and as well as see the affect it has on individuals in the smaller picture and can act appropriately. It is imperative that all those holding any position of power do whatever it takes to increase their level of consciousness and presence or step aside and allow those who are present and more aware make the decisions. All those in power must now grow up, put all personal interest aside and increase their level of consciousness in order to unite with all leaders to protect the Earth and All Life upon it for current and future generations. A’Ho for the survival of Humanity and Our Mother Earth.

  • Anna M Smith

Former vice president Al Gore has been sounding the alarm about the global climate crisis for decades. Elected in 1976 to the House of Representatives, Gore held some of the first congressional hearings on the subject. He continued the fight throughout his political career and beyond, becoming a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work to inform the world about the dangers posed by climate change. This Earth Day he discusses several topics, including how to fight disinformation with science, the importance of cutting global emissions and investing in clean energy. Join Washington Post opinions writer Jonathan Capehart on Thursday, April 22 at 9:00am ET. Washington Post Live is the newsroom’s live journalism platform, featuring interviews with top-level government officials, business leaders, cultural influencers and emerging voices on the most pressing issues driving the news cycle nationally and across the globe. From one-on-one, newsmaker interviews to in-depth multi-segment programs, Washington Post Live brings The Post’s newsroom to life on stage. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: