When someone reveals to you the most precious and Divine Gift that you have ever known in your life it is natural to feel a sense of love and adoration for that person. It is normal to continue to respect them and long for their presence when they continue to inspire you, with so much kindness, to achieve your greatest aspirations towards self fulfilment and joy in your life. Such a clarity of purpose in life is priceless in a world of diverse ideas and perspectives constantly coming from a multitude of sources which in reality offer little value to one’s existence. Many people offer words and ideas yet few offer an actual way to experience what they talk about. Hence Prem Rawat’s teachings on Individual Peace and Self Knowledge are priceless.

What is life is a very generalised and broad subject yet what Mr Prem Rawat offers is a personalised and individual experience that exists within each person. Prem Rawat teaches individuals how to look within to discover their own Divine Journey of life which they alone can experience. Because everyone’s experience of life is singular their relationship with the Divine within them is unique and personal as well.

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Everyone is free to explore at will Mr Prem Rawat’s teachings via his YouTube Channel, Prem Rawat Official, where he offers some of his most inspiring and intimate discourses, including his short daily series he recently created free of charge during the Covid Lockdowns called LOCKDOWN.
Mr Prem Rawat discusses life in terms of what it is to be human and bring out the humanity in individuals. At a time when some world leaders appear to have lost their course amongst the ideas and agendas about life which have been imposed by others, Mr Rawat’s talks focus on the meaning of what it is to be truly human in life. His focus brings individuals great hope because he reminds everyone that they have a choice on how they experience their life regardless of external influences and circumstances. Mr Rawat teaches individuals how to listen to the clarity that resides within them.