PEACE EXISTS in the world as a result of the Peace that Individuals feel. It is Human Nature to be at peace therefore when we do not feel it due to external or internal circumstances then we naturally seek some way to feel it. When individuals cannot feel peace they may seek relief in drugs or alcohol or other unhealthy behaviors in order to escape the pain of separation from their true selves. These vices only temporarily distract one from their need to feel peace and do not produce beneficial results. Peace brings clarity and without it we are more prone to bad choices.

When Leaders are not at peace it is far worse because they sit in a position of power with many harmful weapons of war at their fingertips, also created by unrealized individuals who never fulfilled their need to feel peace. Unconscious leaders who lack clarity can inflict great harm on many if they get into disagreements or fights with other world leaders in positions of power. They can even initiate warfare upon innocent countries and people simply because they lack fulfillment and think that conquering others and claiming more territory and resources will make them feel better but the opposite happens. Being incapable of appreciating what one has whether it be a glass of water or a palace of gold can cause individuals to constantly seek more in their search for fulfillment. This lack of appreciation translates into greed. Greed can create chaos and disaster for many when leaders are inflicted with it. So great is the need for personal fulfillment that it can drive people to the extreme opposites of what they need to be truly fulfilled. Warfare, destruction of Earth and harming life is a prime example. Such is the seriousness of our human need for peace within each one of us.

Prem Rawat’s Peace Education Program is helping persons from all walks of life to achieve peace within themselves and transform their lives for the better. The Prem Rawat Foundation shares the Peace Education Program freely with volunteers who are interested in bringing Peace Education into their Communities, Organizations, Schools or Workplace.


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